Understanding the Human Control Machine- Part 2!!!!

Anything  Created in our plane and dimension has been created twice and it’s a 3 phase process. The first part  is the inception phase which  involves a moving forward, an expansion motion. Like an arrow, it involves being targeted, it involves having a  direction, being intentional, like  an electric charge  field it directs .For example Chinese tradition called  it YAN-(cf,to yin-yan),  or the male element.it’s the assertive.To be more visual it’s like the arrow, well represented even  in  the  human male  organ of reproduction as in the phallus.

The second  phase after the inception is  the gestation phase.In the gestation phase the  necessary element  in structure and function is the surrender element. The accepting part, the integrative part, like the bow, that part has to relax, to accept , to give in. like the Warrior with the bow which is a flexible arc which shoots aerodynamic projectiles called arrow- the bow has to be supple , open, accepting. in order for the gestation to last, acceptance . That’s the female element- the YIN.

That element in human is OUR EMOTIONS!!!  That’s the feedback  System in the Human control machine. Our body is the vehicle that stores our emotions; which means our body through the use of our nervous  system(which is the bridge between the brain-neural network) capture the emotional field of what we perceive.It’s our magnetic field.

The 3rd phase in the creation is the birth process. Which is manifestation phase. the alignment phase..the coherence and resonance phase.

No need to repeat the energetic nature of our universe, as it’s been demonstrated by quantum  physics;everything resonates and has a vibration. Everything is energy.In fact 99.99%  of the universe is all made of energy. the “material” plane that we perceive is a tiny part of what IS..and even that part is energy vibrating at a slower vibration.

As above so below, so below as above. We are part of this universe and it is clear that we create through our electromagnetic field– Which is combining our filters(thoughts, beliefs) AND our EMOTIONS. Different school of  thoughts have promoted one (BELIEFS )or the other( EMOTIONS). That’s  not accurate. We need both to create and transform. we need our unique ELECTROMAGNETIC signature to match the  vibration of the state,the energy, the frequency of what we want manifested.

In fact anything we want to experience, have, do,  or be in our lives is a feeling and an emotion at the end. The car, the charity, we give, the children we raise, the medal, the trophy. The lasting sensation is who we become in the journey.That emotion/feeling is what we’re after..

Would it makes to understand how to get it? In the next post we’ll discuss about that..

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