What Could Make/Break an Entrepreneur/Leader?

What is the one thing that  leaders and the masters of this world practice, that the common people don’t?

The answer is, they understand practicing the power of the seed…

The  Number #1 key in deliberate creation is to have the awareness of what you want to change. if you don’t know what you want to change chances you’ll be left out to the wind blowing you in any directions, Unfortunately, that is what happened to 80-90% of the population. The power of awareness is key first BUT IT’ S  NOT ENOUGH!!!

Did you find yourself knowing that you need to lose theses extra  10-15 LBS of  weight and that you need to go to the gym, but never found yourself executing to that.?

The simple and  direct reason is a LACK of SUSTAINED INTENTION.

NO INTENTION equal NO SEED!!! without intention There’s no deliberate Life; without seed there’s no tree or fruit

it’s not my opinion, this is rooted in nature.let’s look at cellular biology.One the  worst thing you can do to  a cell is to “e nucleate” that cell of its nucleus; which means that cell won’t be able to multiply itself.The nucleus in a call is the gonad of the cell; similarly, when you castrate a horse,or a man, they loose their power to create.; they become sterile.They can’t produce children on their own.Inf act from merriam webster dictionary- to castrate means to render impotent or deprive of vitality;it s basically devitalizing the cell.

While to inspire comes from Latin inspiro(to breathe life into), being without intention is equal to having no ability to enliven or vitalize someone idea.

No intention is similar to being castrated.That’s what the masters of this world have understood and practice DAILY, if not hourly, or at ALL TIME.

No Intention=No life.

The sustained intention create the mold, the form that is needed to bring forth the idea. The intention is the initiator, the active principle in  deliberate creation. Deliberate creation cannot happen without deliberate intention.

Intention is like that arrow that is needed in the warrior artillery while using  arrow and bow. The intention could be compared to the the sperm who intentionally is running toward fertilizing that egg .

having a sustained is key.

In fact part of the biggest tragedy in life  is that many people live their live without intention. Many fail to realize that regardless of your beliefs,  the meaning of life is that it to be lived!!!

In fact, The brilliant leaders and entrepreneurs translate and understand that we have can spend Time, Money or Energy in  the quest of being productive or creating . Out of all these 3 variables,

the ONLY one that is common to ALL is TIME. Time is the great equalizer!! so the masters and leaders have made a conscious decision in using that resource. The only thing you have to do is to decide what to do with the time that is been given to you.

The first step(besides being aware) is to BE INTENTIONAL!!

The most productive people have that mastered..

We’ll discuss next what is the key differentiation with intention.

if you found this useful, you can get more in the audio podcast.

Until Next time, Live your power with purpose and passion.

Ps:Your homework is to observe yourself and make sure that each morning and evening you remind yourself of your intention?

Ask yourself, what  is my intention today?

I will be curious to hear  how productive you will be.. let me know your comments if it worked?



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