What do Santa Santa Claus and leadership have in  common: Influence.

Everybody like Santa Claus, starting from the children whose imagination is captured with Santa white beard, to the vendors who sees their revenue soar, even down to the parents who buy gifts to their children. You might say?  How so (Aren’t they spending their



Yes, parents have a joy , a pleasure to buy toys  for their children knowing it will provide joy to their children.

That very law is ingrained in us. The law of contribution as we give willingly and willfully we are filled with a feeling of contribution which make us feel worthwhile and valued into society.

This is not folklore or myth, Robert Cialdini, one of the leaders and expert researcher on influence mentioned that one of the best law and universal law is the law of reciprocity.

As it is the principle of reciprocation is one of the best law to influence a team or an organization- Simply put it this way:”PEOPLE SAY TO THOSE THEY OWE” .

How is it so? Because every member of culture of every culture has been trained to play by this rule. this law is encoded in all of us as a value. it’s a Group rule;When Human started to gather together (the need to be one and unify is what drives that need part of societal development, or group growth. As in a group, one person strength would be another one weakness, as a dance appears between giving and receiving  for different values and different things, the group grow.

Bu the principle is in many sacred text and cultures. “Do unto others, as you would have other do unto you”.  Isn’t that called the Golden Rule? why? Because people respond to those they owe.

As we all have been trained to not take without giving in return.

What  team, the reason Santa-Claus  is liked is because is a big giver.

How do you apply in your daily encounters.very simple.

In order to influence or move people: Don’t ask yourself how can these people hep me? rather ask yourself what can to do to help advance these people business, these people outcome?

Because as you do so, those same people would want to advance your circumstances.

As it is, I thought this was appropriate to wrap this year and start the new year  all fresh.

As we enter this new year: let’s ask ourselves:How can we help people around us? versus how can they help me ?

if we constantly apply this rule, we are guarantee to have a ripple effect down the road. In fact regardless of how you might want to call it- you would have built yourself a “credit” throughout that process.What Stephen Covey called “an emotional bank deposit” in  the 7 habits of highly effective people”

Let’s learn from Santa Claus?  Are you with me?


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