What’s Your New Banner For 2016?


New Year’s resolutions might not be the best format if you have too many goals.

What I found work best is to create a THEME for the year.

A guiding framework for the year that gives you enough flexibility and simplicity, enough purpose and direction, that energizes you and give enough “juice or energy” to take daily consistent action.

I have read enough literature pro-cons about New Year’s resolutions. I have seen argument on both sides; regardless on which side you stand, I do think that it’s important to create a consistent practice where one should take “inventory” of their lives and create a purpose of what’s next step could be or might be; in one way or another it’s what differentiate the human race to more “primitive” animals. Our meta-cognitive skills which allows us to think about what we’re thinking about.

Now the intention, vision setting and planning exercise, the more frequent the better (Annually, Bi Annually, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, why not even hourly based on the scale); whichever works for you; the most important thing is to have that vision clear with clear intention and to follow through. Let’s say that what is common is that most people do it annually unfortunately once a year and don’t follow through.

Regardless of what your frequency is, I believe it’s worth the try. We’re all in our journey and we’re all developing one way or another. That’s why, I do agree with the idea and intention behind the New Year resolution idea. Why?

Helen Keller the prolific American Blind author said “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

How many of us are living according to someone else’s plan and dream but none of it is our our? – In Theology books, it’s commonly known and accepted that people without a vision perish, or sometimes said that if you don’t know where you’re going you will end anywhere.

That’s why I personally believe that having a resolution is better than having none.

Let’s look at the word being RESOLVED-according to Merriam Webster Dictionary-“to make a definite and serious decision to do something”.

To me even looking at the definition, I stand by the word-“to be resolved”. It means taking charge and willing to take responsibility of our human gifts of meta-cognition (which again means we can think about what we’re thinking about). Even if you want to be resolute about “not being resolute “is a good resolution as long it’s done with purpose and intention.

Now what I have seen as one the majority of issues are issues with the follow-through.

The gym membership sky–rocketing in January is a perfect illustration where gym club parking are full first couple weeks of the year, to find themselves at a regular fill rate by Mid February. It’s not that resolutions don’t work or that the gym don’t work but rather we didn’t make it work.

To me the bigger issue become then to learn how to follow through our resolutions and make them work.

What we’ll discussed further below will give the most essential point about that.

But I wanted first to share couple quick technics/practices I just learn from different mentors and Friends these seasons.

One of them came from John Amaral here a Santa Cruz; An amazing gifted healer chiropractor-One thing that he does with his beloved wife is to sit down and write down their Gift, Grace and Gratitude in 2015 and of course what they are intending in 2016. What is the old energy they are willing to let go and not carry anymore from 2015.They write that list on paper – and Burn it and let it go- I thought this was a powerful symbolism and even carry strong energy most likely. More from John here-


I have decided to add that to my practice.

The second set of tools- very simple came from Andrew Devlin coach who did over   8000 thousands one/one coaching session-His idea is to build on what you’ve got. He suggests to focus first on 2015 as there are many lessons we can learn and if we don’t learn from past, we’re doomed to fail. We need to bank on-What worked last year? What didn’t work? What would you do differently from 2015? What would you do the same or better in 2016?

More from Andrew-


The third practice comes from Jeff Walker, the founder of product launch formula. Jeff is an amazing heart center entrepreneur who has changed the online marketing world literally. He shares his master planning process by mind mapping- on a chart-.His perspective is to have a balance on all areas of his life- What’s your ROLE in the different areas? Next what‘s your VISION on those areas? What are the GOALS/PROJECTS I need to set under this vision and ALWAYS MEASURE them so you can track them (even the hardest subjective ones like being a “great “parent could be like numbers of hours spend with children) and Last TRACK THEM in retro? Then From the mind map he connects and build the network of where 2-3 goals can be achieve by doing one activity ;(for example –working out with his son- encompasses health, working out, parenting). And then Drop those Monthly, weekly and track them continuously. See how tall this tie to the bigger yearly vision.

Last one is From Bo Eason-Which is a great perspective as well-As it allow people to have a bird eye view- Which means planning for longer term. That’s what differentiate the best performers-One year is not enough to be the best. Long term timeline. That reminded me something powerful I learned from Bill Gates-The DEPTH of VISION. Which basically can be summarized as an example- When you look at an acorn what do you see? Do you see an oak tree? Do you see the forest? What is your depth of vision?

Bo Eason suggest to be your best and have it set in your long term vision.More from Bo Eason


I felt these 4 strategies very helpful and they can be leveraged.

Okay Now, I hope you’re not feeling overwhelmed?

Here’s the best part- Save the best for last in three paragraphs-

I learned from some mentors that’s it’s good to have a THEME (if you want a productive year); since some people are not fan of New Year’s resolutions!!!
I like that Idea especially that it’s supposed to increase your productivity year round.

One thing that really keep us off track is the things we cannot say “NO” to-In other words, things we need to eliminate in our lives so we can be more focus and productive while we go out living hectic and busy days.

The power of this is idea is this -If any activity doesn’t fall into the theme-you can either table it or re-prioritize it.

My theme for 2016 is 3S- Simplify-Show Up & Serve.

Just curious what is yours?

I wanted to wish you an Amazing 2016!!!To a grandiose 2016!!!

PS: if you like some of the concept and if you want to implement further any of these strategies, I’m doing a special “IGNITE YOUR LEGACY “complimentary new year’s special the next 2 weeks- https://www.timetrade.com/book/YC4ZR

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