Why Fake It till You Make is One the Biggest Misstatement and What You Should DO Instead…

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What this means?

Fake it till you make it is “corrupted” and should be removed from our common language.

If you’ve been in sales for a while or read couples self-help books you’ve probably heard the saying of “fake till you make it”.

Even though I understood the principle behind it, I was never able to be congruent with the words in that sentence.

It’s only recently that I discovered the nuance below that I’ll be sharing hoping to add value to you as a reader. It’s a subtle difference and simple one that CAN MAKE a HUGE difference.

I sincerely hope as a reader you won’t overlook it as it’s changed my life as I brought this “discovery” to my consciousness and awareness.

First of all, let me qualify that I understand the assumption and the intention behind that sentence. The basic principle is that our subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate “truth” from “reality”. As a rich soil, our subconscious mind doesn’t refuse to grow a seed as long that seed is nurtured and watered. It’s the same principle with our ideas, aspirations in our mind as long you can grow the beliefs and the feeling, you could “fake” it and so that it become true anyway.

I agree with the intention, but NOT the action/IDEAS to do it.

The word “fake” is weak and carry a low frequency and vibration. What do I mean?

Let me ask you a simple question: If I tell you you’re driving a “fake” car, or simply put it-If one treat you of being “fake”; How do you feel about that?

I’m sure you’re not thrilled about the idea- especially some of us would feel offended about that sentence. It’s very simple, if you have high integrity about your personality and identity- being fake will be out of line with who you are. Therefore what we feel about the idea being attached to this word “fake”, will not be impactful in terms of bearing results.

One might argue that the saying worked for them. I would argue back if it did it was sometimes, and it might not be repeatable -the simple reason is what I’m going to share below.

The feeling associated with the word “fake” is not a desirable energy, vibration. Regardless of people background, I do believe that everybody has positive intent. So I trust that nobody wants to be fake. In essence everybody wants to be truthful and real.


So if you attach yourself with the sentence that bear the word “fake”, you will NOT be congruent with your own beliefs; therefore it will have hard time going through your conscious mind. Which will create a push-pull phenomenon between conscious and subconscious.

The perfect and easiest example is our attempt to manifest “wealth”. The biggest “trap” that many people make is this: we feel the feeling of lack, limitation, competition (yes especially non constructive competition), scarcity, Yet what we really desire (intellectually and mentally) is abundance, plenty, wealth, having more etc…

So it’s a push away feel and pull in thought- What that creates is a neutralization, not am amplification!!!

So what should we do? In order to Amplify- 2 simple keys.

What to do instead?

Number one is to be present to ourselves in the moment.

Being dissatisfied, or feeling lack is the flag being pulled by our longing, our cravings which is based on our expectations, standards and soul longing.

At that point it’s important to just notice and NOT Stay there emotionally; instead what are you craving?

So the step two is to vibrate, broadcast the longing craving feeling. The easiest way to create that switch is through gratitude practice.

For example, if you want to make more Money and you feel dissatisfied with what you have or what you are making.

Step 1- Notice your dissatisfaction, and be present to what you are longing-(wealth, abundance in this case.).

Step 2– Broadcast wealth feeling, by being grateful with what you have already-In that way you are generating and vibrating abundance; and you will create more abundance at that level that will compound for you.

That’s the way, You amplify what you want, with the power of momentum.

Now it really make sense to me deep down my cells the understanding that life masters have all said: giving is the secret to living.

Now it makes sense to me-because as you give, you are feeling abundant and more will come to you. But I have to add that the giving has to be done with “will”, not mechanically because again ,you cannot lie to your own feeling(because if one gives and feel lack- it’s still lack feeling being generated, not abundance).

Now it all come full circle somehow to me and I hope it does for you.

That’s why, I truly believe the saying fake till you make it, should be banned and instead, we should rebrand it as the law “AS IS”. Because simply put it this way- instead of faking” it, we just have to “as is” it- feel what we want, and not fake it.

The Golden rule-“Do unto others what you would want done into you” is not a universal law by accident. As it is its very simple yet profound- GIVE TO THE WORLD WHAT YOU WANT TO RECEIVE (whether it be emotionally, intellectually, etc…).

Till Next Time, Live Your Power, with Purpose, Passion and Prosperity.

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