Why This is The Real Secret!!

The Key Secret To Powerful Living Resides in How You Define



Are you defining yourself with your future, with your past, or with your present?

Or simply put it, are you defining yourself with your gender, your race, or is it where you were born?

I hear John says, my ancestors were royalty descent from Europe. Michael on the other hand claims that he’s the Vice president at that corporate firm and feels he’s smarter than a lot of people.

Elena, and David on the other hand feel that their role as parent is their main attributes because they are so proud of their children.

How about you? Let’s pause for a second and seriously reflect on this profound question.

How do you define yourself?

Why is it so relevant?

Because as we discussed in one of the post, one key concept that I learned from Tony Robbins was this- the most powerful force in human being is our need to stay consistent with our identity.

The way we define ourselves is the beginning of the creative process; everything after that is the result of that process.

Now to be practical. What auxiliary verb did you use?

Did you use: I HAVE, or did you use I AM, or did you say I DO. Which one did you use?

Regardless of which one you used, it’s significant to understand that the most powerful auxiliary would be the “I AM”.

When you stand and use the word I AM, with power and intentions, you are “Declaring” who you are and the for the most part you are connecting to the higher realms than yourself.

Using “I HAVE” is slightly less powerful, because it’s you adding some attributes to yourself. It’s like a unit being added to you, therefore it’s something that can easily be taken away or be gone to your identity.

If you change your identity, you would change your life.

The ultimate tool to transmute your destiny, is to change your identity.

If we agree that our identity is the driving force of our actions, does it make sense to bring it to consciousness?

In fact this step is so relevant, because doesn’t it make sense to define ourselves with our future or what we want? Rather than allowing our past, or negative memories define us?

Absolutely, we should stand and declare ourselves with our future.

This is where the dance with the becoming and the being is important. If you define yourself with your future, this is where the becoming pulls you towards the being you have created and painted for yourself.

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