Your Perception Creates Your Reality

In this posting we reviewed the human need psychology(uncovered by Tony Robbins). The idea that  all human have 6 basics need that drive and underline any action or decision we take.

In  summary it’s basically the fact that our  beliefs are related to our emotions and our emotions are based on our physiology, our focus and the meaning we give to events.

Well In this episode, We shared  the fact that Human beings are bombarded with 2 Millions bit of information per second( yes you read read it correctly(2.000.000 bit /sec). In my personal opinion  it’s even more than that, with the new  digital age  and 24 hour cycle of news we live in.

Why is this relevant?

The fact is that Human being can ONLY process on average 120 bit/sec. So what that means for us?

Very simple, it means we don’t and we cannot process ALL the data around us or coming at us at any given moment; therefore our brain has to make sense of this information somehow in order for us to survive and function properly!! yes our brain does three things at any given time.

Our brain Delete information, Distort or Generalize in order for us  to make sense of the info coming at us at any given moment. In neuroscience they call it the R.A.S or the reticular activating system. Basically our brain creates a framework based on our internal filters(beliefs, values, our memories etc….). Have  you ever bought a new car to only notice that in the traffic everybody has that car or you happen to notice more of your car brand , model and style?

Yes it happens to all of us’s your R.A.S at work.. Similarly in our daily lives, any actions, decisions or observations we make is highly FILTERED by our FRAME or our PERCEPTION. This is why when a same event happens, two people have a slightly different interpretation of it.

This is why our perception shapes our reality!!

The second relevance of this is about quantum physics!!! the fact that there are a lot of information  and possibilities out there. And the  fact that the observers  are the ones choosing to bring the reality they “observe”… Which is very exciting if you grasp the two concept discuss here!!

When you listen to the podcast, I’m suggesting for you participate and do a homework.. which will help you to start taking charge of your destiny as what we do is to help people transmute their destiny…

Enjoy the listening and talk to you next time.

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